Friday, April 27, 2012

Belly Bar "Fatima" @Yotsuya

i know, it's not cafe, but i wanna post about this bar and strongly recommend. so cosy and elegant Moroccan Belly dance bar, called Fatima.

if you wanna see belly dance, pls go to this bar at saturday, i will enjoy elegant, beautiful belly dance!!

its proprietress is very charming lady, also she dance sometime.


Beer: 600~800yen
Wine: 600~800yen (bottle:3000yen)
Cocktails: 600~800yen

and others...

name: Fatima
address: 3-Funamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo-to
              Hashimoto Building B1F
open: 19:00~26:00
close: sunday, holidays



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pirka Cafe @Koganei-city, Tokyo

it's like some kind of hiding place from reality.
it's placed near Musashi-koganei Sta, 20min far from Shinjuku-Sta by train.
capacity is about 20, so petit care, but very heart warming cozy one.
very nice...

hot coffee: ¥400-
today's coffee: ¥400-
espresso: ¥400-
cafe late: ¥450-
caramel late: ¥500-
tea: ¥400-
yuzu jinger: ¥400-

dried curry and rice: ¥850-
five colored donburi: ¥850-
hot sandwiche: ¥800-
salad waffle: ¥800-


name: pirka cafe
address:Mori Building 2F, 5-12-14 Honcho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo
open: 10:30~21:00 (sunday: 10:30~19:00) phone: 81-42-401-2871


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Sunday, July 24, 2011

YOKOO @Kichijoji


An european taste wood housed tea room. Many women who work in kichijoji city like this heart warming place.

there are swedish tea. what a recommended!!

open: 12:00~20:00
Place: 2-18-7 Honmachi Kichijoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo-to
Tel&Fax: 81-422-20-4034


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Monday, March 7, 2011

Cafe Bucher @Kichijoji-city


Kichijoji-city is so cheerful town, alway full of younglings!!

so there many many Cafe, so modern, so classical, so weird...

Cafe Bucher is so tiny but very clean and good atmosphere, its good for chatting with friends or reading books alone...

Blended Coffee: ¥630
Straight Coffee: ¥735
Cafe au Lait: ¥682
Chocola Moca: ¥682

Open:10:00 Close:23:00
2-13-7 Honcho, Kichijoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
Phone: 0422-20-1838

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ogikubo Coffee Ten @ Ogikubo-city


its really personal matter, my office is in Ogikubo-city, west of Tokyo. it has some headquarter building such as HP, Amex. and has many many shops and restaurant. so bustling...

there are some my favorite café here.

Ogikubo Coffee Kan is very brilliant and cozy Cafe Hale.

its entrance is so tiny and thin stairs. you walk it down, you can find antique wooden door. when you inside, also feels which you timeslipped to 70 years ago world...

and when you ordered something to drink, you also find Master of Cafe is very unsociable... really unsociable...

but except unsociably of master, this cafe's blended coffee is really great!!!

when you stay tokyo, you must go this cafe, i really recommend...

Name: Ogikubo Coffee Kan
Place: 1-9-1 Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel. 03-3392-8867


entrance and stairs


inside cafe

inside cafe


blended caffee


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kugutsu-sou (くぐつ草)


Kugutsu-sou is a fashionable cafe for a moment that exists which is in Kichijoji-city of the liveliest young person in the Musashino area, west of Tokyo.

The entrance stand still quietly in the corner of the shopping mall where many people come and go every day. The arch of a black plastron seems to start inviting the person who prepares, is given [no] decoration, and comes the Gothic to the another world.

When the dark stairs where a small lamp lights up are descended, like the way of a secret hideout in the cave there.

The dim inside of a store does the ceiling of the arch type like the cave turned over. The air of substance that recycles wood with an old chair and table as it is is caused. The decoration of the inside of a store is calculated atmosphere in top priority as if the setting of the fantasy movie and draws in the coming person to the world of fantasy by what done to attach.

That should be so, "kugutsu" means pappet in old Japanese, and this cafe has been managed by puppet theater "Yukiza" since 1979.

My favorite in here is thick Black Coffee and a set of the bread pudding cake.

Everything in this cafe has feeling deferent world from reality, this make you feeling strangeness at a moment, so really nice place i think.

please visit once by all means!


  • Blended Coffee(Strong): ¥600-
  • Blended Coffee(Soft): ¥630-
  • Iced Coffee: ¥650-
  • Special Demitasse: ¥950-
  • Columbian Coffee: ¥870-
  • Brasilian Coffee: ¥870-
  • Guatemalan Coffee: ¥870-
  • Kilimanjaro Coffee: ¥920-
  • Hot Tea: ¥630-
  • Hot Cocoa: ¥730-
  • Cocoa with Sinamon: ¥770-
  • Iced Tea: ¥650-
  • Iced Cocoa: ¥760-
  • Calpis: ¥650-
  • Tomato Juice: ¥650-
  • Fresh Orange Juice: ¥840-
  • Coffee (Cola, Tea) Float: ¥980-

  • Kugutsu-sou Curry: ¥1070-
  • Curry Set: ¥1580-
  • Kugutsu-sou Om Curry: ¥1040-
  • Kugutsu-sou Salad: ¥980-
  • Cup Toast (Curry Meat): ¥1040-
  • Cup Toast (Egg): ¥1030-
  • Cup Toast (Pizza): ¥1060-
  • Toast (with Jam): ¥530-
  • Rolled Sandwiches: ¥1000-
  • Cheese Cake: ¥530-
  • Cake Set: ¥1030-
  • Kugutsu-sou Bread Pudding: ¥530-
  • Pudding Set: ¥1030-
  • Cofffe Jelly: ¥770-
  • Iced Cream: from ¥700-



Name: Kugutsu-sou
Address: 1-7-7 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Open: 10:00 am  Close: 10:00 pm
URL:  (japanese only)

blended coffe

bread pudding

bread pudding set


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Monday, January 10, 2011

welcome to my new blog site!
do you like taking rest at cozy warmy coffee shop? ofcourse i like it!
if you are resident in Tokyo, Japan, i wanna introduce many many cozy cafe in tokyo to take rest.
if you are worker, please visit these cafes, and enjoy high quality cap of coffee, next second you will get energy!

have a nice day!